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Value-added services for success
CHS payment solutions knows that providing customers with quality services keeps them coming back. We offer an add-on program for check processing to add value inside store by eliminating your need to deposit checks at the bank.
  • Tell me more about POS Check

    POS Check converts a personal check to an electronic transaction at the time of purchase. The check will be immediately returned to the customer at the end of the transaction; there is no paper to handle, process or forward to the bank. Every check is authorized online with a third-party to lower your check fraud loss.

    This service is completely FREE to setup and the check reader is FREE* to lease. There are no hidden fees or extra percentages taken off the top. For each check transaction, you will incur a small set fee.

    POS Check makes day-to-day operations faster and easier. It gives your customers the payment options they want and makes your back-office operations more streamlined. No more hassle with processing paper checks or paying various bank processing fees, those days are over!

    *Free lease requires monthly activity.

  • What are the benefits?
    • Lower paper check processing costs.
    • Check authorization in real time.
    • No more hassle with bounced checks at the bank.
    • Authorization provides lower check fraud loss.
    • Check guarantee up to $100 to give you extra peace of mind.
    • Additional security as paper checks are immediately returned to customers.
    • Funds are deposited quickly with all other daily transactions and you will receive one consolidated statement.
  • What are the steps?

    3 steps to a convenient electronic transaction!

    1. A customer presents a paper check for payment.
    2. The cashier scans it through the check reader, enters the purchase amount and any other required information.
    3. Once the check is verified and approved, a sales receipt is printed for the customer to sign and the check is returned back to them.

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